Suitable for customers with rich EV experience, sales team and local
popularity of their own brands.

What Is OEM?

According to the needs of customers, customizing a new design and function of EVSE.


Estimated Project Duration


Applicable To Those Who!

  • Have a better understanding of EV charger products and know the requirements of the products and functions;
  • Are already mature companies and have their own sales teams that can meet the basic requirements of sales volume;
  • Have rich experience in selling EV products and have mature and stable sales channels and strategies;
  • Have a certain reputation in the local market.
Applicable To Those Who!

Why EV Charger OEM Service?

Most of the newcomers to this field will favor ODM since it is more convenient, faster, and requires less investment. There's nothing wrong with that in itself, but the thing to consider is that the sales volume is constantly growing, so is the company. If the product is not exclusive, then when the company's influence expands to a certain scale, it will overlap with other companies that have also chosen OEM. Everyone is selling the same product, which will not only lead to client loss and vicious price competitions, but also affect the uniqueness of their brand, which will slow down the expansion of the company to a certain extent.

    But OEM won't cause such problems.

  • Because the product is exclusive and unique in all markets, the company can be more proactive in sales strategies without considering the homogeneity of peers.
  • All designs and functions are customized based on customer's needs, which are more in line with the aesthetics and usage habits of the sales area and are more easily accepted by the local market.
  • It can better match the strategic layout of the enterprise and enhance the brand influence of the enterprise to a certain level.
  • OEM projects that are in line with the strategic layout of the enterprise enable them to better participate in the market competition and expand their influence.
Why EV Charger OEM Service?

Why Choose A Professional Company?

EV Charger OEM service is to create a brand-new product from design to function completely according to the needs of the customers. The whole process is not as simple as imagined. There will be a lot of uncontrollable risks in the process from design to official sales.

    For example:

  • Problems in any link will prolong the project schedule or the product even needs to be redesigned or sometimes even leaving potential safety hazards. These unexpected problems will not only waste much time, energy and money of the customers, but more importantly, they will miss this fast-growing market, which is the most regrettable point.
  • Professional EV charging equipment manufacturers have a lot of project experience. They know where all links need special treatment, and use the most scientific method to deal with related customization processes. They can calmly solve any problem they encounter, so that they can avoid problems in each link to the greatest extent in the design and production process of the new product, ensuring that the perfect products that meet the requirements will be delivered to customers within the estimated time by both parties.
Why Choose A Professional Company?

10 Reasons For

  • Rich experience in EV charger OEM project development and having designed EV products for numerous customers from all around the world.

  • Providing professional product advice to customers based on their needs and our rich experience.

  • Integrating product experience into the design. Customers only need to consider the appearance and function of the product, which is quite worry-free.

  • Responsible for the continuous iteration of product performance to ensure that customers always have the best EV products.

  • Providing perfect after-sales service, professional after-sales solutions and one-year warranty to relieve customers from worries.

  • Providing customers with exclusive packaging box design and product stickers.

  • 12 years professional EVSE manufacturer who can deliver the product at the fastest speed during the service period, enabling customers to enter the market faster.

  • Providing customs clearance services for the customers and delivering products directly to the places designated by the customers, which is more worry-free.

  • Familiar with the relevant tests of certification authorities and will design and produce in strict accordance with the standards that meet the test requirements to ensure that the products can pass all relevant tests smoothly.

  • Providing customers with an exclusive project manager to track the progress of the project in the whole process, responsible for all kinds of communication and problem handling with 24 / 7 support.

Customizable Process

  • Confirm customization

    Confirm the product for customization and discuss the design.

    Confirm customization
  • Provide a quotation

    TTCHARGER offers an estimated quotation, MOQ and delivery time based on the approved design.

    Provide a quotation
  • Sign the contract

    Both parties sign a contract and the clients pay relative deposit after confirmation.

    Sign the contract
  • Structural test

    TTCHARGER builds handmade prototypes and confirms the final details and carry out relative structural tests.

    Structural test
  • Mold production

    Production of the mold will be arranged once the prototype is confirmed.

    Mold production
  • Final Confirmation

    TTCHARGER sends tooling samples for testing and final confirmation once the mold is completed.

    Final confirmation
  • Product optimization

    Final necessary optimization of the mold will be arranged based on client’s feedback.

    Product optimization
  • Small batch certification

    Small batch production will be carried out first for the certification and other necessary tests of the product.

    Small batch certification
  • Packaging confirmation

    Confirm instruction manual and other packaging details with clients.

    Packaging confirmation
  • Mass production

    Once the certificate is obtained, mass production will be officially carried out.

    Mass production


The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years. Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently introduce our brand to the world.

  • What does OEM mean?

    In supply chains, OEM stands for original design manufacturing. Customize the new design and functions of electric vehicle power supply equipment according to customer requirements.
  • Can I customize products with special features?

    We have complete technical reserves and we can meet all functional requirements raised by the customers within a reasonable range.
  • Are there any related certifications for the customized products?

    We will confirm with the customer about the certificates required for the product before customization and will complete all the agreed certifications before the product is delivered, which will be written in the contract agreed by both parties.

As a professional EVSE manufacturer, TTCHARGER focuses on providing customers with professional charging equipment that is safer, more efficient and more stable.

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